Bienvenue dans mon coin du monde

Bienvenue dans mon coin du monde, that's French for 'Welcome to my corner of the world'. This is my  space where I can express myself, from my opinion on most things to the stories of my travel's that I had already experienced, and the one's that I will get to experience in the future. Tips and tricks on where to go in certain places, lest it be in the Philippines or outside of the country. Ideas on fashion and beauty, and every hack that I see on the internet and want to try it out for myself. It will be written here.

This is the place where anything and everything will be talked about.

And that little word up there? Trouvaille, that's another French word. It means 'something lovely discovered by chance'. That's what I want in life.

I hope this blog is your Trouvaille, because it's mine.



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20. MNL.

Lexi is a travel blogger as she wants to share to the world her experiences on the places that she has traveled, and will be traveling in the future.

She also loves fashion and beauty.